Steampunk Competition

BAVS 2017 ‘Victorians Unbound’ Steampunk Competition

The BAVS 2017 conference, ‘Victorians Unbound’ coincides with the largest Steampunk festival in the world, Asylum, which takes place in Lincoln 25th – 28th August and is organised by the Victorian Steampunk Society. Immediately after our event, the city of Lincoln plays host to tens of thousands of people for the annual festival, which includes events such as Tea Duelling, Jet Pack Racing, and a Costume Parade.


We invite you to embrace your inner Steampunk by constructing your own Steampunk persona. Dip your toe into this wonderful world of anachronistic technology and splendid neo-Victorian fashion – and embrace its celebration of alternative styles and modes of identity!


Interested conference delegates are asked to submit the full name and biography of your Steampunk self (photograph or other additional detail is entirely optional!), which will then be judged on the basis of originality, creativity, and adherence to the spirit of Steampunk. This is intended to be a fun way to engage with Steampunk ahead of the conference… so be as bold and as experimental as you dare with your character! No prior knowledge of Steampunk is required.


Please submit your Steampunk name and backstory as a word document (including your own name and email address), to by Wednesday 16th August to be in with a chance of winning! Submissions should be 250-400 words.


Two prizes, of bespoke Steampunk medals made by a member of the Lincoln Steampunk Society (LSS) will be awarded to the winners at the conference dinner. The judging panel will include Catherine Redpath, a member of the LSS who is also presenting a paper at the conference, Dr Cornelius Porridge, LSS member and a representative of the London Steampunk Society, and Ashleigh-Ellan Kavanagh, president of the Steampunk Society at the University of Lincoln.


For inspiration, Dr Cornelius Porridge’s has kindly provided a backstory (in the format of a timeline) as an example. Click here to read Dr Porridge’s backstory


Further information about the LSS and Asylum can be found here:


and Dr Cornelius Porridge here:

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